noun sock·et \ˈsä-kət\

: a device in a wall into which an electric cord can be plugged

: an opening on a piece of electrical equipment into which a plug, lightbulb, etc., fits

: a hollow part in a bone that holds an eye, a tooth, or another bone

Full Definition of SOCKET

:  an opening or hollow that forms a holder for something <an electric bulb socket> <the eye socket>

Examples of SOCKET

  1. She plugged the lamp into the socket.
  2. He screwed the lightbulb into the socket.
  3. His shoulder popped out of its socket.

Origin of SOCKET

Middle English soket, from Anglo-French, diminutive of soc plowshare, of Celtic origin; akin to Middle Irish soc plowshare, snout; akin to Old English sugu sow — more at sow
First Known Use: 15th century


transitive verb

Definition of SOCKET

:  to provide with or support in or by a socket

First Known Use of SOCKET


Rhymes with SOCKET

SOCKET Defined for Kids


noun sock·et \ˈsä-kət\

Definition of SOCKET for Kids

:  a small opening or hollow part that forms a holder for something <an eye socket> <an electric socket>
Medical Dictionary


noun sock·et \ˈsäk-ət\

Medical Definition of SOCKET

:  an opening or hollow that forms a holder for something: as a :  any of various hollows in body structures in which some other part normally lodges <the bony socket of the eye> <an inflamed tooth socket>; especially :  the depression in a bone with which the rounded head of another bone fits in a ball-and-socket joint b :  a cavity terminating an artificial limb into which the bodily stump fits—see suction socket
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