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rocket ship


Simple Definition of rocket ship

  • : a spaceship that is powered by rockets

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of rocket ship

  1. :  a rocket-propelled spaceship


First Known Use of rocket ship


Rhymes with rocket ship

airmanship, athwartship, authorship, battleship, biochip, brinkmanship, censorship, chairmanship, chieftainship, churchmanship, comic strip, consulship, coverslip, crack the whip, dealership, draftsmanship, ego trip, ego-trip, externship, fellowship, filter tip, fingertip, gamesmanship, grantsmanship, helmsmanship, horsemanship, internship, ladyship, landing strip, leadership, lectureship, listenership, marksmanship, membership, mentorship, microchip, mother ship, motor ship, oarsmanship, overslip, ownership, paper clip, partnership, penmanship, pistol grip, pistol-whip, pogonip, power strip, praetorship, premiership, readership, ridership, rulership, rumble strip, salesmanship, scholarship, seamanship, showmanship, skinny-dip, speakership, sponsorship, sportsmanship, statesmanship, stewardship, studentship, swordsmanship, trusteeship, underlip, upmanship, viewership, weather ship, weather strip, workmanship

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