adjective \ˈpyr\

: not mixed with anything else

: clean and not harmful in any way

: having a smooth and clear sound that is not mixed with any other sounds


Full Definition of PURE

a (1) :  unmixed with any other matter <pure gold> (2) :  free from dust, dirt, or taint <pure springwater> (3) :  spotless, stainless
b :  free from harshness or roughness and being in tune —used of a musical tone
c of a vowel :  characterized by no appreciable alteration of articulation during utterance
a :  being thus and no other :  sheer, unmitigated <pure folly>
b (1) :  abstract, theoretical <pure research>
(2) :  a priori <pure mechanics>
c :  not directed toward exposition of reality or solution of practical problems <pure literature>
d :  being nonobjective and to be appraised on formal and technical qualities only <pure form>
a (1) :  free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes (2) :  containing nothing that does not properly belong
b :  free from moral fault or guilt
c :  marked by chastity :  continent
d (1) :  of pure blood and unmixed ancestry
(2) :  homozygous in and breeding true for one or more characters
e :  ritually clean
:  having exactly the talents or skills needed for a particular role <a pure shooter in basketball>
pure·ness noun

Examples of PURE

  1. The company bottles only the purest water.
  2. the pure notes of the flute

Origin of PURE

Middle English pur, from Anglo-French, from Latin purus; akin to Old High German fowen to sift, Sanskrit punāti he cleanses, Middle Irish úr fresh, new
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of PURE

chaste, pure, modest, decent mean free from all taint of what is lewd or salacious. chaste primarily implies a refraining from acts or even thoughts or desires that are not virginal or not sanctioned by marriage vows <they maintained chaste relations>. pure differs from chaste in implying innocence and absence of temptation rather than control of one's impulses and actions <the pure of heart>. modest and decent apply especially to deportment and dress as outward signs of inward chastity or purity <preferred more modest swimsuits> <decent people didn't go to such movies>.
PURER Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈpyr\

Definition of PURE for Kids

:  not mixed with anything else :  free from everything that might injure or lower the quality <pure water> <pure silk>
:  free from sin :  innocent, chaste
:  nothing other than :  total <pure nonsense>
pure·ly adverb
Medical Dictionary


adjective \ˈpy(ə)r\

Medical Definition of PURE

:  unmixed with any other matter <pure gold>
:  free from dust, dirt, or taint <pure food>
a :  of unmixed ancestry :  purebred b :  homozygous in and breeding true for one or more characters
pure·ness noun


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