noun \ˌpre-də-ˈlek-shən, ˌprē-\

: a natural liking for something : a tendency to do or to be attracted to something

Full Definition of PREDILECTION

:  an established preference for something


  1. <a young lad with a predilection for telling tall tales>
  2. It's true that black audiences have always had a predilection for talking back at performances. But more than that is going on in this theatre: the intensity of engagement is palpable. —Henry Louis Gates, Jr., New Yorker, 3 Feb. 1997


French prédilection, from Medieval Latin praediligere to love more, prefer, from Latin prae- + diligere to love — more at diligent
First Known Use: 1742

Synonym Discussion of PREDILECTION

predilection, prepossession, prejudice, bias mean an attitude of mind that predisposes one to favor something. predilection implies a strong liking deriving from one's temperament or experience <a predilection for travel>. prepossession suggests a fixed conception likely to preclude objective judgment of anything counter to it <a prepossession against technology>. prejudice usually implies an unfavorable prepossession and connotes a feeling rooted in suspicion, fear, or intolerance <a mindless prejudice against the unfamiliar>. bias implies an unreasoned and unfair distortion of judgment in favor of or against a person or thing <a strong bias toward the plaintiff>.


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