noun de·vice \di-ˈvīs\

: an object, machine, or piece of equipment that has been made for some special purpose

: a weapon that explodes

: something that is done in order to achieve a particular effect

Full Definition of DEVICE

:  something devised or contrived: as
a (1) :  plan, procedure, technique
(2) :  a scheme to deceive :  stratagem, trick
b :  something fanciful, elaborate, or intricate in design
c :  something (as a figure of speech) in a literary work designed to achieve a particular artistic effect
d archaic :  masque, spectacle
e :  a conventional stage practice or means (as a stage whisper) used to achieve a particular dramatic effect
f :  a piece of equipment or a mechanism designed to serve a special purpose or perform a special function <an electronic device>
:  desire, inclination <left to my own devices>
:  an emblematic design used especially as a heraldic bearing

Examples of DEVICE

  1. The store sells TVs, VCRs, and other electronic devices.
  2. agreeing to dismantle all nuclear devices
  3. a useful mnemonic device for remembering the names of the planets
  4. The company's method of tracking expenses is just a device to make it seem more profitable.

Origin of DEVICE

Middle English devis, devise, from Anglo-French, division, plan, from deviser to divide, regulate, tell — more at devise
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Literature Terms

apophasis, bathos, bildungsroman, bowdlerize, caesura, coda, doggerel, euphemism, poesy, prosody
DEVICES Defined for Kids


noun de·vice \di-ˈvīs\

Definition of DEVICE for Kids

:  a piece of equipment made for a special purpose <electronic devices>
:  choice of what to do <We were left to our own devices.>
:  a thing or act used to deceive :  trick
Medical Dictionary


noun de·vice \di-ˈvīs\

Medical Definition of DEVICE

:  a piece of equipment or a mechanism designed to serve a special purpose or perform a special function


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