verb \ˈhwak, ˈwak\

: to hit (someone or something) with great force

: to reduce (something) by a large amount

: to murder or kill (someone)

Full Definition of WHACK

transitive verb
a :  to strike with a smart or resounding blow <whack the ball>
b :  to cut with or as if with a whack :  chop
chiefly British :  to get the better of :  defeat
slang :  murder, kill
intransitive verb
:  to strike a smart or resounding blow
whack·er noun

Examples of WHACK

  1. She whacked the piñata with a stick.
  2. The old man lifted his cane and whacked the mugger on the head.
  3. They were whacking through the jungle with their machetes.
  4. He got whacked by mobsters.

Origin of WHACK

probably imitative of the sound of a blow
First Known Use: 1719



: the act of hitting someone or something with great force

: the sound made when something is hit hard

: a share or portion of something

Full Definition of WHACK

a :  a smart or resounding blow; also :  the sound of or as if of such a blow
b :  a critical attack
:  portion, share
a :  an opportunity or attempt to do something <take a whack at it>
b :  a single action or occasion <borrowed $50 all at one whack>
out of whack
:  out of proper order or shape <threw his knee out of whack>
:  not in accord <feeling out of whack with her contemporaries — S. E. Rubin>

Examples of WHACK

  1. The pile of books hit the floor with a whack.
  2. <took a whack at solving the math problem>

First Known Use of WHACK


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