noun \ˈtrī(-ə)l\

: a formal meeting in a court in which evidence about crimes, disagreements, etc., is presented to a judge and often a jury so that decisions can be made according to the law

: a test of the quality, value, or usefulness of something

: a test of someone's ability to do something that is used to see if he or she should join a team, perform in a play, etc.

Full Definition of TRIAL

a :  the action or process of trying or putting to the proof :  test
b :  a preliminary contest (as in a sport)
:  the formal examination before a competent tribunal of the matter in issue in a civil or criminal cause in order to determine such issue
:  a test of faith, patience, or stamina through subjection to suffering or temptation; broadly :  a source of vexation or annoyance
a :  a tryout or experiment to test quality, value, or usefulness — compare clinical trial
b :  one of a number of repetitions of an experiment
:  attempt

Examples of TRIAL

  1. He did not get a fair trial.
  2. He testified at the trial.
  3. She is awaiting trial on charges of assault.
  4. Early trials have shown that the treatment has some serious side effects.
  5. Recovering from her injury was a real trial of strength.
  6. I know I was a bit of a trial to my parents when I was a teenager.
  7. Cold winters can be a trial for older people.

Origin of TRIAL

Anglo-French, from trier to try
First Known Use: 15th century



: relating to or used in a test that is done for a period of time to see if something is worth buying, using, etc.

Full Definition of TRIAL

:  of, relating to, or used in a trial
:  made or done as a test or experiment
:  used or tried out in a test or experiment

Examples of TRIAL

  1. trial use of the product
  2. If you choose to use the software beyond the 30-day free trial period, you are required to pay for it.

First Known Use of TRIAL


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noun \ˈtrī(-ə)l\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of TRIAL

: a tryout or experiment to test quality, value, or usefulness—see clinical trial
: one of a number of repetitions of an experiment


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In law, a judicial examination of issues of fact or law for the purpose of determining the rights of the parties involved. Attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant make opening statements to a judge or jury, then the attorney for the plaintiff makes his case by calling witnesses, whom the defense attorney may cross-examine. Unless the case is then dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence, the defense attorney next takes a turn calling witnesses, whom the plaintiff's attorney cross-examines. Both sides make closing arguments. In a trial before a jury, the judge instructs the jury on the applicable laws, and the jury retires to reach a verdict. If the defendant is found guilty, the judge then hands down a sentence.


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