noun \ˈin-ˌkwest\

law : an official investigation to find the reason for something (such as a person's death)

Full Definition of INQUEST

a :  a judicial or official inquiry or examination especially before a jury <a coroner's inquest>
b :  a body of people (as a jury) assembled to hold such an inquiry
c :  the finding of the jury upon such inquiry or the document recording it

Examples of INQUEST

  1. The court has ordered an inquest into his death.
  2. <the police conducted an inquest into the case>

Origin of INQUEST

Middle English, from Anglo-French enqueste, from Vulgar Latin *inquaesta, feminine of *inquaestus, past participle of *inquaerere to inquire
First Known Use: 13th century


noun \ˈin-ˌkwest\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of INQUEST

: a judicial or official inquiry especially before a jury to determine the cause of a violent or unexpected death <a coroner's inquest>


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