noun \in-ˈkwī(-ə)r-ē, ˈin-ˌ; ˈin-kwə-rē, ˈiŋ-; ˈin-ˌkwir-ē\

: a request for information

: an official effort to collect and examine information about something

: the act of asking questions in order to gather or collect information

plural in·qui·ries

Full Definition of INQUIRY

:  examination into facts or principles :  research
:  a request for information
:  a systematic investigation often of a matter of public interest

Examples of INQUIRY

  1. She refused to answer inquiries from the media about her marriage.
  2. The board ordered an inquiry to determine whether the rules had been followed.
  3. Further inquiry showed that he had visited the city twice before.
  4. The police are pursuing a new line of inquiry.
  5. Discovered when Galileo Galilei turned the first astronomical telescope to the heavens in 1610, the Jovian system has been a focus of scientific inquiry ever since. —Chad Galts, Brown Alumni Monthly, November 1996

Origin of INQUIRY

(see inquire)
First Known Use: 15th century

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