noun \ˈsher\

Definition of SHARE

:  plowshare

Origin of SHARE

Middle English schare, from Old English scear; akin to Old High German scaro plowshare, Old English scieran to cut — more at shear
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Agriculture/Gardening Terms

fallow, graft, heirloom, loam, potash, soilage, swath, tilth, windfall



Definition of SHARE

a :  a portion belonging to, due to, or contributed by an individual or group
b :  one's full or fair portion <has had his share of bad luck>
a :  the part allotted or belonging to one of a number owning together property or interest
b :  any of the equal portions into which property or invested capital is divided; specifically :  any of the equal interests or rights into which the entire stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is regularly evidenced by one or more certificates
c plural chiefly British :  stock 7c(1)

Origin of SHARE

Middle English, from Old English scearu cutting, tonsure; akin to Old English scieran to cut
First Known Use: 14th century



: to have or use (something) with others

of two or more people : to divide (something) into parts and each take or use a part

: to let someone else have or use a part of (something that belongs to you)


Full Definition of SHARE

transitive verb
:  to divide and distribute in shares :  apportion —usually used with out <shared out the land among his heirs>
a :  to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others
b :  to have in common <they share a passion for opera>
:  to grant or give a share in —often used with with <shared the last of her water with us>
:  to tell (as thoughts, feelings, or experiences) to others —often used with with
intransitive verb
:  to have a share —used with in <we all shared in the fruits of our labor>
:  to apportion and take shares of something
:  to talk about one's thoughts, feelings, or experiences with others
shar·er noun

Examples of SHARE

  1. They shared the last cookie.
  2. We shared the money equally.
  3. The children need to learn to share their toys.

First Known Use of SHARE


Synonym Discussion of SHARE

share, participate, partake mean to have, get, or use in common with another or others. share usually implies that one as the original holder grants to another the partial use, enjoyment, or possession of a thing <shared my toys with the others>. participate implies a having or taking part in an undertaking, activity, or discussion <participated in sports>. partake implies accepting or acquiring a share especially of food or drink <partook freely of the refreshments>.
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