adjective ma·ture \mə-ˈtr, -ˈtyr also -ˈchr\

: having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult

: having a fully grown or developed body : grown to full size

: having reached a final or desired state


Full Definition of MATURE

:  based on slow careful consideration <a mature judgment>
a (1) :  having completed natural growth and development :  ripe (2) :  having undergone maturation
b :  having attained a final or desired state <mature wine>
c :  having achieved a low but stable growth rate <paper is a mature industry>
d :  of, relating to, or being an older adult :  elderly <airline discounts for mature travelers>
a :  of or relating to a condition of full development
b :  characteristic of or suitable to a mature individual <mature outlook> <a show with mature content>
:  due for payment <a mature loan>
:  belonging to the middle portion of a cycle of erosion
ma·ture·ly adverb

Examples of MATURE

  1. She's very mature for her age.
  2. He has a mature outlook on life.
  3. His parents didn't think he was mature enough to live on his own.
  4. Their bodies were mature, but they still behaved like children.
  5. After mature reflection, he concluded that he had been mistaken.

Origin of MATURE

Middle English, from Latin maturus ripe; akin to Latin mane in the morning, manus good
First Known Use: 15th century



: to become fully developed in the body and mind

: to continue developing to a desired level

finance : to become due for payment


Full Definition of MATURE

transitive verb
:  to bring to maturity or completion
intransitive verb
:  to become fully developed or ripe
:  to become due

Examples of MATURE

  1. Girls mature earlier than boys both physically and mentally.
  2. Her talent is maturing slowly.
  3. Wine and cheese mature with age.
  4. The bond matures in 10 years.

First Known Use of MATURE

15th century


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