verb \ˈvest\

: to give (someone) the legal right or power to do something or to own land or property

Full Definition of VEST

transitive verb
a :  to place or give into the possession or discretion of some person or authority; especially :  to give to a person a legally fixed immediate right of present or future enjoyment of (as an estate)
b :  to grant or endow with a particular authority, right, or property <the plan vests workers with pension benefits after 10 years of service>
:  to clothe with or as if with a garment; especially :  to robe in ecclesiastical vestments
intransitive verb
:  to become legally vested
:  to put on garments or vestments

Examples of VEST

  1. <By the power vested in me by the state, intoned the minister, I now pronounce that you are married>
  2. <vested the power to access their retirement accounts with their attorney>

Origin of VEST

Middle English, from Anglo-French vestir to clothe, invest, vest, from Latin vestire to clothe, from vestis clothing, garment — more at wear
First Known Use: 15th century



: a sleeveless piece of clothing with buttons down the front that is worn over a shirt and under a suit jacket

: a special piece of clothing that you wear on your upper body for protection or safety

: a man's sleeveless undershirt

Full Definition of VEST

a :  a loose outer garment :  robe
b :  clothing, garb
a :  a sleeveless garment for the upper body usually worn over a shirt
b :  a protective usually sleeveless garment (as a life preserver) that extends to the waist
c :  an insulated sleeveless waist-length garment often worn under or in place of a coat
a chiefly British :  a man's sleeveless undershirt
b :  a knitted undershirt for women
:  a plain or decorative piece used to fill in the front neckline of a woman's outer garment (as a blouse or dress)
vest·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Origin of VEST

French veste, from Italian, from Latin vestis garment
First Known Use: 1613

Other Clothing Terms

babushka, brogue, bumbershoot, cravat, dishabille, furbelow, layette, raiment, spectator


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