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noun \ˈlu̇r\

Simple Definition of lure

  • : an appealing or attractive quality

  • : a device used for attracting and catching animals, birds, or especially fish

Full Definition of lure

  1. 1 :  an object usually of leather or feathers attached to a long cord and used by a falconer to recall or exercise a hawk

  2. 2 a :  an inducement to pleasure or gain :  enticement b :  appeal, attraction

  3. 3 :  a decoy for attracting animals to capture: as a :  artificial bait used for catching fish b :  an often luminous structure on the head of pediculate fishes that is used to attract prey

Examples of lure

  1. <the promise of easy money is always the lure for some people to take up a life of crime>

  2. <the fish simply didn't seem to like the lure I was using, so I didn't catch a thing>

Origin of lure

Middle English, from Anglo-French lure, leure, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle High German luoder bait; perhaps akin to Old English lathian to invite, Old High German ladōn

First Known Use: 14th century

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Simple Definition of lure

  • : to cause or persuade (a person or an animal) to go somewhere or to do something by offering some pleasure or gain

Full Definition of lure


  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to recall or exercise (a hawk) by means of a lure

  3. 2 :  to draw with a hint of pleasure or gain :  attract actively and strongly

Examples of lure

  1. They lured the bear out of its den.

  2. The suburbs are luring middle-class families away from the city.

  3. The police lured him back to the scene of the crime.

  4. Explorers were lured to the area by tales of a city of gold.

  5. An attractive window display can help to lure shoppers into the store.

14th Century

First Known Use of lure

14th century

Synonym Discussion of lure

lure, entice, inveigle, decoy, tempt, seduce mean to lead astray from one's true course. lure implies a drawing into danger, evil, or difficulty through attracting and deceiving <lured naive investors with get-rich-quick schemes>. entice suggests drawing by artful or adroit means <advertising designed to entice new customers>. inveigle implies enticing by cajoling or flattering <fund-raisers inveigling wealthy alumni>. decoy implies a luring into entrapment by artifice <attempting to decoy the enemy into an ambush>. tempt implies the presenting of an attraction so strong that it overcomes the restraints of conscience or better judgment <tempted by the offer of money>. seduce implies a leading astray by persuasion or false promises <seduced by assurances of assistance>.

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