noun in·duce·ment \in-ˈdüs-mənt, -ˈdyüs-\

: something that gives you a reason for doing something and makes you want to do it

Full Definition of INDUCEMENT

:  a motive or consideration that leads one to action or to additional or more effective actions
:  the act or process of inducing
:  matter presented by way of introduction or background to explain the principal allegations of a legal cause, plea, or defense

Examples of INDUCEMENT

  1. Was his decision influenced by any illegal financial inducements?
  2. Employees were offered a bonus as an inducement to finish the project on schedule.
  3. The low interest rate was little inducement for individuals to save money.

First Known Use of INDUCEMENT


Synonym Discussion of INDUCEMENT

motive, impulse, incentive, inducement, spur, goad mean a stimulus to action. motive implies an emotion or desire operating on the will and causing it to act <a motive for the crime>. impulse suggests a driving power arising from personal temperament or constitution <buying on impulse>. incentive applies to an external influence (as an expected reward) inciting to action <a bonus was offered as an incentive>. inducement suggests a motive prompted by the deliberate enticements or allurements of another <offered a watch as an inducement to subscribe>. spur applies to a motive that stimulates the faculties or increases energy or ardor <fear was a spur to action>. goad suggests a motive that keeps one going against one's will or desire <thought insecurity a goad to worker efficiency>.
INDUCEMENT Defined for Kids


noun in·duce·ment \in-ˈdüs-mənt, -ˈdyüs-\

Definition of INDUCEMENT for Kids

:  something that causes someone to do something <Employees were offered inducements to retire early.>


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