noun \ˌin-yə-ˈwen-(ˌ)dō, -yü-ˈen-\

: a statement which indirectly suggests that someone has done something immoral, improper, etc.

plural in·nu·en·dos or in·nu·en·does

Full Definition of INNUENDO

a :  an oblique allusion :  hint, insinuation; especially :  a veiled or equivocal reflection on character or reputation
b :  the use of such allusions <resorting to innuendo>
:  a parenthetical explanation introduced into the text of a legal document

Examples of INNUENDO

  1. His reputation has been damaged by innuendos about his drinking and gambling.
  2. His reputation has been damaged by innuendo.
  3. The movie relies on sexual innuendo for its humor.

Origin of INNUENDO

Latin, by nodding, from innuere to nod to, make a sign to, from in- + nuere to nod; akin to Latin nutare to nod — more at numen
First Known Use: 1678

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