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in hand

Definition of in hand

  1. 1 :  in one's possession or control <We started our hike with compass and map in hand.> <He has the situation well in hand.> To take someone in hand is to begin to guide or direct someone who has been behaving badly. <You need someone to take you in hand, young lady, and show you how to behave!>

  2. 2 chiefly British :  available for use <If we work at this rate we'll have a month in hand before our deadline is up!>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the terminal part of the vertebrate forelimb when modified (as in humans) as a grasping organ

    :  the forelimb segment (as the terminal section of a bird's wing) of a vertebrate higher than the fishes that corresponds to the hand irrespective of its form or functional specialization

    :  a part serving the function of or resembling a hand: as

  1. :  with the hands rather than by machine

  1. :  to touch or manage with the hands

    :  to deal with

    :  furl

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to proceed clumsily or ineffectually

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