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hide or hair

Definition of hide or hair


  1. :  any sign of a particular person or thing <He hasn't seen hide or hair of his son since he went off to college.> <We haven't seen hide nor hair of a gas station.>

Variants of hide or hair


hide nor hair

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  any of various old English units of land area

    :  a unit of 120 acres

  1. :  to put out of sight :  secrete

    :  to conceal for shelter or protection :  shield

    :  to keep secret

  1. :  blind

  1. :  the life or physical well-being of a person

  1. :  to give a beating to :  flog

  1. :  a slender threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis of an animal

    :  one of the usually pigmented filaments that form the characteristic coat of a mammal

    :  the hairy covering of an animal or a body part

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