verb \ˈchīd\

: to express mild disapproval of (someone) : to scold (someone) gently

chid \ˈchid\ or chid·ed \ˈchī-dəd\ chid or chid·den \ˈchi-dən\ or chidedchid·ing \ˈchī-diŋ\

Full Definition of CHIDE

intransitive verb
:  to speak out in angry or displeased rebuke
transitive verb
:  to voice disapproval to :  reproach in a usually mild and constructive manner :  scold

Examples of CHIDE

  1. She chided us for arriving late.
  2. You really should have been here on time, she chided.

Origin of CHIDE

Middle English, from Old English cīdan to quarrel, chide, from cīd strife
First Known Use: before 12th century


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