noun \ˈshēld\

: a large piece of metal, wood, etc., carried by someone (such as a soldier or police officer) for protection

: something that defends or protects someone or something

: a police officer's badge

Full Definition of SHIELD

:  a broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm
:  one that protects or defends :  defense
a :  a device or part that serves as a protective cover or barrier
b :  a protective structure (as a carapace, scale, or plate) of some animals
:  escutcheon; especially :  one that is wide at the top and rounds to a point at the bottom
:  the Precambrian nuclear mass of a continent that is surrounded and sometimes covered by sedimentary rocks
:  something resembling a shield: as
a :  apothecium
b :  a police officer's badge
c :  a decorative or identifying emblem

Examples of SHIELD

  1. the heat shield on a space shuttle
  2. <the slightly built boy used his sharp wit as a shield against the school's bullies>

Origin of SHIELD

Middle English sheld, from Old English scield; akin to Old High German scilt shield and probably to Old English sciell shell
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with SHIELD


transitive verb

: to cover and protect (someone or something)

: to prevent (someone or something) from being seen

Full Definition of SHIELD

a :  to protect with or as if with a shield :  provide with a protective cover or shelter
b :  to cut off from observation :  hide
obsolete :  forbid
shield·er noun

Examples of SHIELD

  1. <celebrities who are shielded by a cluster of bodyguards whenever they appear in public>
  2. <she shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand>

First Known Use of SHIELD

before 12th century


noun \ˈshēld\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SHIELD

:  a structure, device, or part that serves as a protective cover or barrier <a lead shield to protect against X-rays>
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