noun pro·tec·tion \prə-ˈtek-shən\

: the state of being kept from harm, loss, etc. : the state of being protected

: something that keeps a person or thing from being harmed, lost, etc. : something that protects someone or something

: a device (such as a condom) that is used during sex to prevent pregnancy or the spread of diseases

Full Definition of PROTECTION

:  the act of protecting :  the state of being protected
a :  one that protects
b :  supervision or support of one that is smaller and weaker
c :  a contraceptive device (as a condom)
:  the freeing of the producers of a country from foreign competition in their home market by restrictions (as high duties) on foreign competitive goods
a :  immunity from prosecution purchased by criminals through bribery
b :  money extorted by racketeers posing as a protective association
:  coverage 1a
:  anchoring equipment placed in cracks for safety while rock climbing

Examples of PROTECTION

  1. He fights for the protection of the environment.
  2. Hard hats provide protection for the workers' heads.
  3. The witness was placed under police protection.

First Known Use of PROTECTION

14th century
PROTECTION Defined for Kids


noun pro·tec·tion \prə-ˈtek-shən\

Definition of PROTECTION for Kids

:  the act of shielding from harm :  the state of being shielded from harm
:  a person or thing that shields from harm
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