noun \ˈkəv-rij, ˈkə-və-\

: the activity of reporting about an event or subject in newspapers, on television news programs, etc.

: discussion of a subject in a book, class, etc.

: the financial protection that is provided by an insurance policy

Full Definition of COVERAGE

:  something that covers: as
a :  inclusion within the scope of an insurance policy or protective plan :  insurance
b :  the amount available to meet liabilities
c :  inclusion within the scope of discussion or reporting <the news coverage of the trial>
:  the total group covered :  scope: as
a :  all the risks covered by the terms of an insurance contract
b :  the number or percentage of persons reached by a communications medium
:  the act or fact of covering

Examples of COVERAGE

  1. The issue is not getting much coverage in the mainstream press.
  2. There was massive TV coverage of the funeral.
  3. For more complete coverage of this issue, see Chapter Six.
  4. The book gives full coverage to the history of the word.

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