verb \ˈfān\

: to pretend to feel or be affected by (something)

Full Definition of FEIGN

intransitive verb
transitive verb
a :  to give a false appearance of :  induce as a false impression <feign death>
b :  to assert as if true :  pretend
a :  invent, imagine
b :  to give fictional representation to
obsolete :  disguise, conceal
feign·er noun

Examples of FEIGN

  1. <I would never feign illness just to get out of a test.>
  2. I wince, feigning interest in a TV Guide and mumbling a hello. —Douglas Coupland, Generation X, 1991

Origin of FEIGN

Middle English, from Anglo-French feign-, stem of feindre, from Latin fingere to shape, feign — more at dough
First Known Use: 13th century


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