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verb \i-ˈvälv, -ˈvlv, ē- also -ˈväv or -ˈvv\

: to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state : to develop by a process of evolution


Full Definition of EVOLVE

transitive verb
:  emit
a :  derive, educe
b :  to produce by natural evolutionary processes
c :  develop, work out <evolve social, political, and literary philosophies — L. W. Doob>
intransitive verb
:  to undergo evolutionary change
evolv·able \-ˈväl-və-bəl, -ˈvl- also -ˈvä-və- or -ˈv-və-\ adjective
evolve·ment \-ˈvälv-mənt, -ˈvlv- also -ˈväv- or -ˈvv-\ noun

Examples of EVOLVE

  1. Her company has evolved from a hobby into a thriving business.
  2. Some flowers have evolved remarkable means of insect pollination.

Origin of EVOLVE

Latin evolvere to unroll, from e- + volvere to roll — more at voluble
First Known Use: 1775
EVOLVED Defined for Kids


verb \i-ˈvälv\

Definition of EVOLVE for Kids

:  to change or develop gradually

Word Root of EVOLVE

The Latin word volvere, meaning to roll or to turn around, gives us the root volv. Words from the Latin volvere have something to do with turning. To revolve is to turn in circles or travel on a circular path. To evolve, or grow or develop out of something else, is to unroll from a source. To involve, or include, is to roll someone into a situation.
Medical Dictionary


verb \i-ˈvälv, -ˈvlv\

Medical Definition of EVOLVE

transitive verb
:  to produce by natural evolutionary processes
intransitive verb
:  to develop by or as if by evolution :  undergo evolutionary change <an evolving theory of mental functioning—S. A. Green>


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