verb \ē-ˈmit\

: to send (light, energy, etc.) out from a source

: to make (a certain sound)


Full Definition of EMIT

transitive verb
a :  to throw or give off or out (as light or heat)
b :  to send out :  eject
a :  to issue with authority; especially :  to put (as money) into circulation
b obsolete :  publish
:  to give utterance or voice to <emitted a groan>
emit·ter noun

Examples of EMIT

  1. The telescope can detect light emitted by distant galaxies.
  2. chimneys emitting thick, black smoke
  3. The brakes emitted a loud squeal.

Origin of EMIT

Latin emittere to send out, from e- + mittere to send
First Known Use: 1598


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