verb wal·low \ˈwä-(ˌ)lō\

: to spend time experiencing or enjoying something without making any effort to change your situation, feelings, etc.

: to roll about in deep mud or water

Full Definition of WALLOW

intransitive verb
:  to roll oneself about in a lazy, relaxed, or ungainly manner <hogs wallowing in the mud>
:  to billow forth :  surge
:  to devote oneself entirely; especially :  to take unrestrained pleasure :  delight
a :  to become abundantly supplied :  luxuriate <a family that wallows in money>
b :  to indulge oneself immoderately <wallowing in self-pity>
:  to become or remain helpless <allowed them to wallow in their ignorance>
wal·low·er \ˈwä-lə-wər\ noun

Examples of WALLOW

  1. elephants wallowing in the river
  2. Buffalo wallow in mud to keep away flies.

Origin of WALLOW

Middle English walwen, from Old English wealwian to roll — more at voluble
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with WALLOW

aglow, ago, airflow, airglow, air show, alow, although, archfoe, argot, a throw, backflow, backhoe, bandeau, Baotou, barlow, bateau, below, bestow, big toe, bon mot, bravo, by-blow, cachepot, callow, caló, Carlow, cash flow, chapeau, Chi-Rho, cockcrow, Cocteau, cornrow, corn snow, crossbow, Cousteau, Darrow, Day-Glo, dayglow, death row, Defoe, de trop, deathblow, deco, down-bow, dumb show, elbow, escrow, fencerow, flambeau, floor show, flyblow, fogbow, forego, foreknow, forgo, freak show, free throw, Freneau, Fuzhou, galop, game show, genro, gigot, Glencoe, go-slow, Gounod, Guangzhou, gung ho, guyot, Hadow, Hangzhou, Hankow, Harrow, heave-ho, hedgerow, heigh-ho, hello, hollo, horse show, ice floe, ice show, inflow, in tow, Io, jabot, jambeau, Jane Doe, jim crow, Jinzhou, Joe Blow, Jiaozhou, John Doe, Juneau, Hounslow, kayo, KO, Lanzhou, lie low, light show, longbow, low blow, Luchow, macho, mahoe, maillot, mallow, manteau, Marlowe, Marot, marrow, matelot, merlot, Meursault, minnow, Miró, misknow, Moho, mojo, morceau, morrow, Moscow, mucro, mudflow, Murrow, nightglow, no-no, no-show, nouveau, oboe, outflow, outgo, outgrow, oxbow, peep show, Pernod, picot, plateau, pronto, Quanzhou, quiz show, rainbow, Rameau, red snow, reflow, regrow, repo, reseau, road show, rondeau, rondo, roscoe, Roseau, rouleau, sabot, Saint-Lô, salchow, scarecrow, self-sow, serow, shadblow, Shantou, sideshow, skid row, ski tow, Soho, so-so, sound bow, sourdough, stone's throw, sunbow, Suzhou, tableau, Taizhou, talk show, tiptoe, Thoreau, tone row, tonneau, trade show, trousseau, Trudeau, uh-oh, unsew, up-bow, upthrow, van Gogh, Wenzhou, Wicklow, widow, willow, windrow, windthrow, winnow, Winslow, Wuzhou, Xuzhou, Yalow, yarrow, Zhangzhou, Zhengzhou, Zibo



Definition of WALLOW

:  an act or instance of wallowing
a :  a muddy area or one filled with dust used by animals for wallowing
b :  a depression formed by or as if by the wallowing of animals
:  a state of degradation or degeneracy

First Known Use of WALLOW

15th century

Other Animal Husbandry Terms

apiary, bantam, calico, girth, hogwash, mast, rut

Rhymes with WALLOW


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