verb \ˈsərj\

: to move very quickly and suddenly in a particular direction

: to suddenly increase to an unusually high level


Full Definition of SURGE

intransitive verb
:  to rise and fall actively :  toss <a ship surging in heavy seas>
:  to rise and move in waves or billows :  swell <the sea was surging>
:  to slip around a windlass, capstan, or bitts —used especially of a rope
:  to rise suddenly to an excessive or abnormal value <the stock market surged to a record high>
:  to move with a surge or in surges <felt the blood surging into his face — Harry Hervey> <she surged past the other runners>
transitive verb
:  to let go or slacken gradually (as a rope)

Examples of SURGE

  1. We all surged toward the door.
  2. She surged past the other runners.
  3. Thoughts of what could happen were surging through his mind.
  4. Housing prices have surged in recent months.
  5. Interest in the sport has been surging.

Origin of SURGE

earlier, to ride (at anchor) probably in part from Middle French sourgir to cast anchor, land, from Catalan surgir to heave, cast anchor, from Latin surgere to rise, spring up; from sub- up + regere to lead straight; in part from Latin surgere — more at sub-, right
First Known Use: 1511

Rhymes with SURGE



: a sudden, large increase

: a sudden movement of many people

: a large wave of water

Full Definition of SURGE

:  a swelling, rolling, or sweeping forward like that of a wave or series of waves <a surge of interest>
a :  a large wave or billow :  swell
b (1) :  a series of such swells or billows
(2) :  the resulting elevation of water level
a :  a movement (as a slipping or slackening) of a rope or cable
b :  a sudden jerk or strain caused by such a movement
:  a transient sudden rise of current or voltage in an electrical circuit

Examples of SURGE

  1. The sport is enjoying a surge in popularity.
  2. a surge of support for the candidate
  3. There was a sudden surge toward the door.
  4. There has been a surge of immigrants into the city.

First Known Use of SURGE



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