verb \də-ˈvərj, dī-\

: to split and move out in different directions from a single point

: to be or become different


Full Definition of DIVERGE

intransitive verb
a :  to move or extend in different directions from a common point :  draw apart <diverging roads>
b :  to become or be different in character or form :  differ in opinion
:  to turn aside from a path or course :  deviate
:  to be mathematically divergent
transitive verb
:  deflect

Examples of DIVERGE

  1. A prism causes rays of light to diverge.
  2. They were close friends in college, but after graduation, their lives diverged.

Origin of DIVERGE

Medieval Latin divergere, from Latin dis- + vergere to incline — more at wrench
First Known Use: 1665

Related to DIVERGE

detour, deviate, turn, sheer, swerve, swing, turn off, veer, wheel
converge, join
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