verb \di-ˈflekt, dē-\

: to cause (something that is moving) to change direction

: to hit something and suddenly change direction

: to keep (something, such as a question) from affecting or being directed at a person or thing

Full Definition of DEFLECT

transitive verb
:  to turn aside especially from a straight course or fixed direction
intransitive verb
:  to turn aside :  deviate
de·flect·able \-ˈflek-tə-bəl\ adjective
de·flec·tive \-tiv\ adjective
de·flec·tor \-tər\ noun

Examples of DEFLECT

  1. armor that can deflect bullets
  2. The goalie deflected the ball with his hands.
  3. The ball deflected off the goalie's shoulder.
  4. They are trying to deflect attention from the troubled economy.
  5. The blame was deflected from the chairman.

Origin of DEFLECT

Latin deflectere to bend down, turn aside, from de- + flectere to bend
First Known Use: circa 1555


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