verb \ˈts, ˈtäs\

: to throw (something) with a quick, light motion

: to move or lift (something, such as a part of your body) quickly or suddenly

: to move (something) back and forth or up and down

Full Definition of TOSS

transitive verb
a :  to fling or heave continuously about, to and fro, or up and down <a ship tossed by waves>
b :  bandy 2
c :  to mix lightly until well coated with a dressing or until the elements are thoroughly combined <toss a salad>
:  to make uneasy :  stir up :  disturb
a :  to throw with a quick, light, or careless motion or with a sudden jerk <toss a ball around>
b :  to throw up in the air <tossed by a bull>
c :  match 5a
d :  to send as if by throwing <tossed in jail> <tossed out of the game>
e :  to get rid of :  throw away
a :  to fling or lift with a sudden motion <tosses her head angrily>
b :  to tilt suddenly so as to empty by drinking <tossed his glass>; also :  to consume by drinking <toss down a drink>
:  to accomplish, provide, or produce readily or easily <toss off a few verses>
:  throw 18 <toss a party>
:  vomit 1 —often used in the phrase toss one's cookies
intransitive verb
a :  to move restlessly or turbulently; especially :  to twist and turn repeatedly <tossed sleeplessly all night>
b :  to move with a quick or spirited gesture
:  to decide an issue by flipping a coin
toss·er noun

Examples of TOSS

  1. She tossed the ball high in the air.
  2. She tossed the paper at the recycling bin.
  3. He tossed his dirty socks onto the floor.
  4. He tossed his head back.
  5. She tossed her hair and smiled.
  6. Waves tossed the ship about.
  7. The ship tossed on the waves.

Origin of TOSS

Middle English
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with TOSS



: the act of throwing or tossing something with a quick, light motion

: the act of throwing a coin up into the air in order to make a decision about something based on which side of the coin is shown after it lands

: the act of moving your head suddenly upward and backward

Full Definition of TOSS

:  the state or fact of being tossed
:  an act or instance of tossing: as
a :  an abrupt tilting or upward fling
b :  a deciding by chance and especially by flipping a coin
c :  throw, pitch

Examples of TOSS

  1. They decided what to do by a coin toss.
  2. the toss of a coin
  3. She threw her hair back with a toss of her head.

First Known Use of TOSS



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