verb \ri-ˈvälv, -ˈvlv also -ˈväv or -ˈvv\

: to turn around a center point or line


Full Definition of REVOLVE

transitive verb
:  to turn over at length in the mind :  ponder <revolve a scheme>
a obsolete :  to cause to go round in an orbit
b :  rotate 1
intransitive verb
:  recur
a :  to ponder something
b :  to remain under consideration <ideas revolved in his mind>
a :  to move in a curved path round a center or axis
b :  to turn or roll round on an axis
:  to have or come to a specified focus :  center —usually used with around <the dispute revolved around wages>
re·volv·able \-ˈväl-və-bəl, -ˈvl- also -ˈvä-və- or -ˈv-və-\ adjective

Examples of REVOLVE

  1. As the gear revolves, it turns the other gears.
  2. The Earth revolves on its axis.
  3. The software allows you to revolve images.

Origin of REVOLVE

Middle English, from Latin revolvere to roll back, cause to return, from re- + volvere to roll — more at voluble
First Known Use: 15th century


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