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drag one's feet

Definition of drag one's feet

  1. :  to avoid doing something for a long time because one does not want to do it <Quit dragging your feet and make a decision!> <After months of dragging its heels, Congress voted on the bill.>

Variants of drag one's feet


drag one's heels

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  something used to drag with

    :  a device for dragging under water to detect or obtain objects

    :  something that is dragged, pulled, or drawn along or over a surface: as

  1. :  to draw slowly or heavily :  haul

    :  to cause (as oneself) to move with slowness or difficulty

    :  to cause to trail along a surface

  1. :  of, being, involving, or intended for a person in drag

  1. : plural of foot

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