verb \ˈhl\

: to pull or drag (something) with effort

: to move or carry (something) with effort

: to force (someone) to go or come to a place

Full Definition of HAUL

transitive verb
a :  to exert traction on :  draw <haul a wagon>
b :  to obtain or move by or as if by hauling <was hauled to parties night after night by his wife>
c :  to transport in a vehicle :  cart
:  to change the course of (a ship) especially so as to sail closer to the wind
:  to bring before an authority for interrogation or judgment :  hale <haul traffic violators into court>
intransitive verb
:  to exert traction :  pull
:  to move along :  proceed
:  to furnish transportation
of the wind :  shift
haul ass
often vulgar :  to move quickly

Examples of HAUL

  1. They hauled the boat up onto the beach.
  2. The car was hauled away to the junkyard.
  3. We used buckets to haul water up from the river.
  4. She hauled herself to her feet and limped home.
  5. I'm tired of hauling this heavy camera around with me.
  6. The prisoner was hauled away in handcuffs.
  7. They hauled her off to court.
  8. The cattle were hauled by rail.
  9. The company has a fleet of trucks that are used to haul freight.

Origin of HAUL

Middle English halen to pull, from Anglo-French haler, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch halen to pull; akin to Old English geholian to obtain
First Known Use: 13th century

Related to HAUL

drag, draw, hale, pull, lug, tow, tug
drive, propel, push



: the act of pulling or dragging something with effort : the act of hauling something

: a usually large amount of something that has been stolen, collected, or won

: a distance to be traveled

Full Definition of HAUL

a :  the act or process of hauling :  pull
b :  a device for hauling
a :  the result of an effort to obtain, collect, or win <the burglar's haul>
b :  the quantity of fish taken in a single draft of a net
a :  transportation by hauling
b :  the length or course of a transportation route <a long haul>
c :  a quantity transported :  load

Examples of HAUL

  1. each haul of the rope
  2. Authorities seized the drugs in one of the biggest drug hauls in the history of the county.
  3. The kids always collect a substantial haul of candy on Halloween.
  4. It's just a short haul from our cabin to the beach.

First Known Use of HAUL



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