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noun \ˈdraft, ˈdräft\

Simple Definition of draft

  • : a version of something (such as a document) that you make before you make the final version

  • : cool air moving in a closed space (such as a room)

  • : a system in which young people are required to join the armed forces of a country for a period of service

Full Definition of draft

  1. 1 a :  the act of drawing a net b :  haul 2b

  2. 2 a :  the act or an instance of drinking or inhaling; also :  the portion drunk or inhaled in one such act b :  a portion poured out or mixed for drinking :  dose

  3. 3 a :  the force required to pull an implement b :  load or load-pulling capacity

  4. 4 a :  the act of moving loads by drawing or pulling :  pull b :  a team of animals together with what they draw

  5. 5 a :  delineation, representation b :  scheme, design c :  a preliminary sketch, outline, or version <the author's first draft> <a draft treaty>

  6. 6 :  the act, result, or plan of drawing out or stretching

  7. 7 a :  the act of drawing (as from a cask) b :  a portion of liquid so drawn <a draft of ale> c :  draft beer <a glass of draft>

  8. 8 :  the depth of water a ship draws especially when loaded

  9. 9 a (1) :  a system for or act of selecting individuals from a group (as for compulsory military service) (2) :  an act or process of selecting an individual (as for political candidacy) without the individual's expressed consent b :  a group of individuals selected especially by military draft c :  a system whereby exclusive rights to selected new players are apportioned among professional teams

  10. 10 a :  an order for the payment of money drawn by one person or bank on another b :  the act or an instance of drawing from or making demands upon something :  demand

  11. 11 a :  a current of air in a closed-in space <felt a draft> b :  a device for regulating the flow of air (as in a fireplace)

  12. 12 :  angle, taper; specifically :  the taper given to a pattern or die so that the work can be easily withdrawn

  13. 13 :  a pocket of reduced air pressure behind a moving object; also :  the use of such a draft to save energy

on draft
  1. :  ready to be drawn from a receptacle <beer on draft>

Examples of draft

  1. The published poem differs quite a bit from earlier drafts.

  2. You may want to seal the windows with plastic to stop drafts.

Origin of draft

Middle English draght; akin to Old English dragan to draw — more at draw

First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with draft




Simple Definition of draft

  • of an animal : used for pulling heavy loads

  • of beer : stored in and poured from a large container

  • : not yet in the final form

Full Definition of draft

  1. 1 :  used or adapted for drawing loads <draft horses>

  2. 2 :  being or having been on draft <drinking draft beer>

15th Century

First Known Use of draft

15th century

Other Alcoholic Beverage Terms




Simple Definition of draft

  • : to make a version of (something, such as a document or plan) that will need more work in order to be finished

  • : to choose (someone) for a special purpose

  • : to officially order (someone) to join the armed forces

Full Definition of draft

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to select for some purpose: as a :  to conscript for military service b :  to select (a professional athlete) by draft

  3. 2 a :  to draw the preliminary sketch, version, or plan of <draft legislation> b :  compose, prepare <draft a memo>

  4. 3 :  to draw off or away <water drafted by pumps>

  5. 4 :  to stay close behind (another racer) so as to take advantage of the reduced air pressure created by the leading racer

  6. intransitive verb
  7. 1 :  to practice draftsmanship

  8. 2 :  to draft another racer (as in car or bike racing)

draft·able play \ˈdraf-tə-bəl, ˈdräf-\ adjective
draft·ee play \ˌdraf-ˈtē, ˌdräf-\ noun
draft·er play \ˈdraf-tər, ˈdräf-\ noun

Examples of draft

  1. The two countries are drafting a treaty.

  2. The drama club drafted three teenagers to be in the parade.

  3. The legislature debated drafting more soldiers.

  4. The new rule prohibits teams from drafting players under 18.


First Known Use of draft


DRAFT Defined for Kids



noun \ˈdraft, ˈdräft\

Definition of draft

  1. 1 :  a version of something written or drawn (as an essay, document, or plan) that has or will have more than one version <I finished the rough draft of my report.>

  2. 2 :  a current of air

  3. 3 :  a device to regulate an air supply (as in a fireplace)

  4. 4 :  the act of pulling or hauling :  the thing or amount pulled <a beast of draft>

  5. 5 :  the act or an instance of drinking or inhaling :  the portion drunk or inhaled at one time <He took a draft of his drink.>

  6. 6 :  the act of drawing out liquid (as from a cask) :  a portion of liquid drawn out <a draft of beer>

  7. 7 :  the depth of water a ship needs in order to float

  8. 8 :  the practice of ordering people into military service

  9. 9 :  the practice of choosing someone to play on a professional sports team

  10. 10 :  an order made by one person or organization to another to pay money to a third person or organization




Definition of draft

  1. 1 :  used for pulling loads <a draft animal>

  2. 2 :  not in final form <a draft report>

  3. 3 :  ready to be drawn from a container <draft beer>




Definition of draft


  1. 1 :  to write or draw a version of something (as an essay or plan) that usually needs more work

  2. 2 :  to choose someone to do something <Mom drafted us to clean the garage.>

  3. 3 :  to pick especially for required military service

Medical Dictionary



Medical Definition of draft

  1. 1:  a portion (as of medicine) poured out or mixed for drinking :  dose

  2. 2:  a current of air in a closed-in space

  3. drafty or chiefly British draughty \ˈdraf-tē, ˈdrȧf-\play adjective

Variants of draft

or chiefly British draught \ˈdraft, ˈdrȧft\play

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