adjective \ˈkrs\

: made up of large pieces : not fine

: having a rough quality

: rude or offensive


Full Definition of COARSE

:  of ordinary or inferior quality or value :  common
a (1) :  composed of relatively large parts or particles <coarse sand> (2) :  loose or rough in texture <coarse cloth>
b :  adjusted or designed for heavy, fast, or less delicate work <a coarse saw with large teeth>
c :  not precise or detailed with respect to adjustment or discrimination
:  crude or unrefined in taste, manners, or language
:  harsh, raucous, or rough in tone
chiefly British :  of or relating to coarse fish <coarse fishing>
coarse·ly adverb
coarse·ness noun

Examples of COARSE

  1. The dog has a thick, coarse coat.
  2. The fabric varies in texture from coarse to fine.
  3. He had a heavy face and a shrivelled nose and thick, coarse, bunched up skin. —Paul Theroux, Granta, Summer 1994

Origin of COARSE

Middle English cors, perhaps from course, noun
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of COARSE

coarse, vulgar, gross, obscene, ribald mean offensive to good taste or morals. coarse implies roughness, rudeness, or crudeness of spirit, behavior, or language <found the coarse humor of coworkers offensive>. vulgar often implies boorishness or ill-breeding <a loud vulgar belch>. gross implies extreme coarseness and insensitiveness <gross eating habits>. obscene applies to anything strongly repulsive to the sense of decency and propriety especially in sexual matters <obscene language not allowed on the air>. ribald applies to what is amusingly or picturesquely vulgar or irreverent or mildly indecent <entertained the campers with ribald folk songs>.

Rhymes with COARSE


adjective \ˈkō(ə)rs, ˈk(ə)rs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of COARSE

:  visible to the naked eye or by means of a compound microscope <coarse particles>
of a tremor :  of wide excursion <a coarse tremor of the extremities>
:  harsh, raucous, or rough in tone—used of some sounds heard in auscultation in pathological states of the chest <coarse rales>


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