adjective \ˈr-kəs\

: loud and unpleasant to listen to

: behaving in a very rough and noisy way

Full Definition of RAUCOUS

:  disagreeably harsh or strident :  hoarse <raucous voices>
:  boisterously disorderly <a …raucous frontier town — Truman Capote>
rau·cous·ly adverb
rau·cous·ness noun

Examples of RAUCOUS

  1. <the partying neighbors kept up their raucous laughter half the night>
  2. He stepped over one man, avoided a raucous group of inebriated merchant seamen staggering for their boats, ran up his steps into the large foyer … —James Clavell, Gai-Jin, 1994

Origin of RAUCOUS

Latin raucus hoarse; akin to Latin ravis hoarseness
First Known Use: 1769

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