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adjective rau·cous \ˈrȯ-kəs\

Simple Definition of raucous

  • : loud and unpleasant to listen to

  • : behaving in a very rough and noisy way

Full Definition of raucous

  1. 1 :  disagreeably harsh or strident :  hoarse <raucous voices>

  2. 2 :  boisterously disorderly <a …raucous frontier town — Truman Capote>

rau·cous·ly adverb
rau·cous·ness noun

Examples of raucous

  1. He stepped over one man, avoided a raucous group of inebriated merchant seamen staggering for their boats, ran up his steps into the large foyer … —James Clavell, Gai-Jin, 1994

  2. The scene was reminiscent of a college fraternity reunion, with plenty of backslapping, joking, hugging and raucous laughter. —Lewis Beale, Chicago Tribune, 15 Feb. 1987

  3. On the ledge of rock above this strange couple there stood three solemn buzzards, who, at the sight of the new comers uttered raucous screams of disappointment and flapped sullenly away. —Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet, 1887

  4. <the partying neighbors kept up their raucous laughter half the night>

Origin of raucous

Latin raucus hoarse; akin to Latin ravis hoarseness

First Known Use: 1769

Synonym Discussion of raucous

loud, stentorian, earsplitting, raucous, strident mean marked by intensity or volume of sound. loud applies to any volume above normal and may suggest undue vehemence or obtrusiveness <loud shouts of protest>. stentorian implies great power and range <an actor with a stentorian voice>. earsplitting implies loudness that is physically discomforting <the earsplitting sound of a siren>. raucous implies a loud harsh grating tone, especially of voice, and may suggest rowdiness <the raucous shouts of drunken revelers>. strident implies a rasping discordant but insistent quality, especially of voice <the strident voices of hecklers>.

Rhymes with raucous

RAUCOUS Defined for Kids


adjective rau·cous \ˈrȯ-kəs\

Definition of raucous

  1. 1 :  loud and harsh <raucous laughter>

  2. 2 :  behaving in a rough and noisy way <a raucous crowd>

rau·cous·ly adverb

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