adjective \ˈvəl-gər\

: not having or showing good manners, good taste, or politeness

: relating to the common people or the speech of common people

Full Definition of VULGAR

a :  generally used, applied, or accepted
b :  understood in or having the ordinary sense <they reject the vulgar conception of miracle — W. R. Inge>
:  vernacular <the vulgar name of a plant>
a :  of or relating to the common people :  plebeian
b :  generally current :  public <the vulgar opinion of that time>
c :  of the usual, typical, or ordinary kind
a :  lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste :  coarse
b :  morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate :  gross
c :  ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display :  pretentious
a :  offensive in language :  earthy
b :  lewdly or profanely indecent
vul·gar·ly adverb

Examples of VULGAR

  1. He was a vulgar man.
  2. She had a coarse, vulgar laugh.
  3. I will not tolerate such vulgar language in my home.

Origin of VULGAR

Middle English, from Latin vulgaris of the mob, vulgar, from volgus, vulgus mob, common people
First Known Use: 14th century

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