noun rib·ald \ˈri-bəld also ˈri-ˌbld, ˈrī-ˌbld\

Definition of RIBALD

:  a ribald person

Origin of RIBALD

Middle English ribaud person of low status, scoundrel, lecher, from Anglo-French, from Old French riber to be debauched, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rīban to be in heat, copulate, literally, to rub
First Known Use: 13th century



: referring to sex in a rude but amusing way

Full Definition of RIBALD

:  crude, offensive <ribald language>
:  characterized by or using coarse indecent humor

Examples of RIBALD

  1. <some of the movie's most ribald, and thus funniest, scenes were cut for showing on broadcast television>
  2. <a ribald tale rife with double entendres and racy innuendo>

First Known Use of RIBALD


Synonym Discussion of RIBALD

coarse, vulgar, gross, obscene, ribald mean offensive to good taste or morals. coarse implies roughness, rudeness, or crudeness of spirit, behavior, or language <found the coarse humor of coworkers offensive>. vulgar often implies boorishness or ill-breeding <a loud vulgar belch>. gross implies extreme coarseness and insensitiveness <gross eating habits>. obscene applies to anything strongly repulsive to the sense of decency and propriety especially in sexual matters <obscene language not allowed on the air>. ribald applies to what is amusingly or picturesquely vulgar or irreverent or mildly indecent <entertained the campers with ribald folk songs>.


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