noun \ˈsinch\

: something that is very easy to do

—used to say that something will certainly happen or that someone will easily do something

: a strap that holds a saddle on a horse

Full Definition of CINCH

:  a girth for a pack or saddle
:  a tight grip
a :  a thing done with ease
b :  a certainty to happen <it's a cinch he'll break the record>

Examples of CINCH

  1. This recipe is a cinch.
  2. This dish is a cinch to make.

Origin of CINCH

Spanish cincha, from Latin cingula girdle, girth, from cingere — more at cincture
First Known Use: 1859

Other Equestrian Terms

canter, cantle, curry, farrier, hunter, paddock, router, skirt, tack



: to fasten (something, such as a belt or strap) tightly around someone or something

: to make (something) certain to happen

Full Definition of CINCH

transitive verb
a :  to put a cinch on
b :  to fasten (as a belt or strap) tightly
:  to make certain :  assure <the goal that cinched the victory>
intransitive verb
:  to tighten the cinch —often used with up

Examples of CINCH

  1. The coat is cinched at the waist.
  2. The rider cinched the saddle.
  3. The candidate cinched the nomination by winning the major primary elections.
  4. The home run cinched the victory.

First Known Use of CINCH



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