noun \-ˌfinch\

: a small mostly yellow American bird

: a small European bird that has red on its head and yellow and black wings

Full Definition of GOLDFINCH

:  a small Palearctic finch (Carduelis carduelis of the family Fringillidae) with a red, white, and black head and yellow and black wings
:  any of three small related American finches (genus Carduelis, especially C. tristis) having the breeding plumage of the male yellow with black markings on the wings, tail, and crown

First Known Use of GOLDFINCH

before 12th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several species (genus Carduelis, family Fringillidae) of songbirds that have a short, notched tail and much yellow in the plumage. All have a bill that is more delicate and sharply pointed than that of most finches. They live in flocks, feeding on weeds in fields and gardens. They have high, lisping calls. Various species live in western Eurasia and North and South America and have been introduced into New Zealand and Australia. They are typically 4–5.5 in. (10–14 cm) long. The male of the American goldfinch (or wild canary), found across North America, is bright yellow, with black cap, wings, and tail.


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