noun \ˈkān\

: a short stick that often has a curved handle and is used to help someone to walk

the cane : a form of punishment in which a person is hit with a cane or stick

: the hard hollow stem of a plant (such as bamboo or reed) that is used to make furniture and baskets

Full Definition of CANE

a (1) :  a hollow or pithy and usually slender and flexible jointed stem (as of a reed) (2) :  any of various slender woody stems; especially :  an elongated flowering or fruiting stem (as of a rose) usually arising directly from the ground
b :  any of various tall woody grasses or reeds: as
(1) :  any of a genus (Arundinaria) of coarse grasses (2) :  sugarcane (3) :  sorghum
:  cane dressed for use: as
a :  a cane walking stick; broadly :  walking stick
b :  a cane or rod for flogging
c :  rattan; especially :  split rattan for wickerwork or basketwork
:  a tiny glass rod used in decorative glasswork (as in millefiori and paperweights)

Examples of CANE

  1. In the past, some teachers would resort to the cane when students misbehaved.
  2. The chair seat is made of cane.

Origin of CANE

Middle English, from Middle French, from Old Occitan cana, from Latin canna, from Greek kanna, of Semitic origin; akin to Akkadian qanū reed, Hebrew qāneh
First Known Use: 14th century



: to hit (someone) with a cane or stick as a form of punishment


Full Definition of CANE

transitive verb
:  to beat with a cane <he sat in a professor's chair and caned sophomores for blowing spitballs — H. L. Mencken>
:  to weave or furnish with cane <cane the seat of a chair>

Examples of CANE

  1. In the past, some teachers would cane students who misbehaved.

First Known Use of CANE

CANED Defined for Kids


noun \ˈkān\

Definition of CANE for Kids

:  an often hollow, slender, and somewhat flexible plant stem
:  a tall woody grass or reed (as sugarcane)
:  a rod made especially of wood or metal that often has a curved handle and is used to help someone walk
:  a rod for beating


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