noun \ˈsr-gəm\

: a kind of tropical grass that is grown for food; also : the grain that grows on this grass

Full Definition of SORGHUM

:  any of an economically important genus (Sorghum) of Old World tropical grasses similar to corn in habit but with the spikelets in pairs on a hairy rachis; especially :  any of various cultivars (as grain sorghum or sorgo) derived from a wild form (S. bicolor syn. S. vulgare)
:  syrup from the juice of a sorgo that resembles cane syrup
:  something cloyingly sentimental

Examples of SORGHUM

  1. <a once-popular children's book that today's tots would likely regard as tiresome sorghum>

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Origin of SORGHUM

New Latin, from Italian sorgo, from Vulgar Latin *Syricum (granum), literally, Syrian grain
First Known Use: 1597

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Cereal grain plant of the family Poaceae, probably native to Africa, and its edible starchy seeds. All types raised chiefly for grain belong to the species Sorghum vulgare, which includes varieties of grain sorghums and grass sorghums (grown for hay and fodder) and broomcorn (used in making brooms and brushes). The strong grass usually grows 2–8 ft (0.5–2.5 m) or higher. The seeds are smaller than those of wheat. Though high in carbohydrates, sorghum is of lower feed quality than corn. Resistant to drought and heat, sorghum is one of Africa's major cereal grains. It is also grown in the U.S., India, Pakistan, and northern and northeastern China. Substantial quantities are also grown in Iran, the Arabian Peninsula, Argentina, Australia, and southern Europe. The grain is usually ground into meal for porridge, flatbreads, and cakes.


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