noun \ˈstaf\

: a group of people who work for an organization or business

: a group of military officers who help a commanding officer but who do not take part in active fighting

: a long stick that you carry in your hand for support while walking

plural staffs \ˈstafs, ˈstavz\ or staves \ˈstavz, ˈstāvz\

Full Definition of STAFF

a :  a long stick carried in the hand for support in walking
b :  a supporting rod: as
(1) archaic :  shaft 1a(1) (2) :  a crosspiece in a ladder or chair :  rung (3) :  flagstaff (4) :  a pivoted arbor
c :  club, cudgel
a :  crosier
b :  a rod carried as a symbol of office or authority
:  the horizontal lines with their spaces on which music is written —called also stave
:  any of various graduated sticks or rules used for measuring :  rod
plural staffs
a :  the officers chiefly responsible for the internal operations of an institution or business
b :  a group of officers appointed to assist a civil executive or commanding officer
c :  military or naval officers not eligible for operational command
d :  the personnel who assist a director in carrying out an assigned task
e plural staff :  a member of a staff <employs three full-time staff>
staff adjective

Examples of STAFF

  1. The entire staff has done a great job this year.
  2. The staff is at a meeting.
  3. She's a new member of the staff.
  4. The general's staff is planning the army's next move.

Origin of STAFF

Middle English staf, from Old English stæf; akin to Old High German stab staff, Sanskrit stabhnāti he supports
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with STAFF


transitive verb

: to supply (an organization or business) with workers

: to work for (an organization or business) as a member of a staff

Full Definition of STAFF

:  to supply with a staff or with workers
:  to serve as a staff member of <an organization staffed by volunteers>

Examples of STAFF

  1. We'll need 300 workers to properly staff the hotel.
  2. the 300 workers who staff the hotel

First Known Use of STAFF

STAFF Defined for Kids


noun \ˈstaf\
plural staffs or staves \ˈstavz\

Definition of STAFF for Kids

:  a pole, stick, rod, or bar used as a support or as a sign of authority <the staff of a flag> <a bishop's staff>
plural staffs :  a group of persons serving as assistants to or employees under a chief <a hospital staff> <the administrative staff>
:  the five parallel lines with their four spaces on which music is written
:  something that is a source of strength <Bread is the staff of life.>
plural staffs :  a group of military officers who plan and manage for a commanding officer
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈstaf\

Medical Definition of STAFF

:  the doctors and surgeons regularly attached to a hospital and helping to determine its policies and guide its activities
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