adjective \ˈbä-mē, ˈbäl-mē\

of air, weather, etc. : warm, calm, and pleasant

: crazy or foolish


Full Definition of BALMY

a :  having the qualities of balm :  soothing
b :  mild 3 <balmy weather>
:  crazy, foolish
balm·i·ly \-mə-lē\ adverb
balm·i·ness \-mē-nəs\ noun

Examples of BALMY

  1. <a completely balmy but harmless old man who talked intently to plants and believed they answered back>
  2. <a pleasant, balmy breeze was all that stirred the wildflowers growing near the shore>

First Known Use of BALMY

15th century

Rhymes with BALMY


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