adjective \əb-ˈsərd, -ˈzərd\

: extremely silly, foolish, or unreasonable : completely ridiculous

Full Definition of ABSURD

:  ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, or incongruous <an absurd argument>
:  having no rational or orderly relationship to human life :  meaningless <an absurd universe>; also :  lacking order or value <an absurd existence>
:  dealing with the absurd (see 2absurd) or with absurdism <absurd theater>
ab·surd·ly adverb
ab·surd·ness noun

Examples of ABSURD

  1. The charges against him are obviously absurd.
  2. <absurd claims of having been abducted by UFO's>
  3. In an era when federal judges issue rulings that in their impact often rival the lawmaking of any legislature in the land, it is increasingly absurd that their proceedings should remain off-limits to the same wider public scrutiny that news cameras have brought to courts in 48 states. —Editor & Publisher, 14 July 2003

Origin of ABSURD

Middle French absurde, from Latin absurdus, from ab- + surdus deaf, stupid
First Known Use: 1557


noun \əb-ˈsərd, -ˈzərd\

Definition of ABSURD

:  the state or condition in which human beings exist in an irrational and meaningless universe and in which human life has no ultimate meaning —usually used with the

Origin of ABSURD

(see 1absurd
First Known Use: 1946


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