adjective \ˈmen-təl\

Definition of MENTAL

a :  of or relating to the mind; specifically :  of or relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality <mental health>
b :  of or relating to intellectual as contrasted with emotional activity
c :  of, relating to, or being intellectual as contrasted with overt physical activity
d :  occurring or experienced in the mind :  inner <mental anguish>
e :  relating to the mind, its activity, or its products as an object of study :  ideological
f :  relating to spirit or idea as opposed to matter
a (1) :  of, relating to, or affected by a psychiatric disorder <a mental patient> (2) :  mentally disordered :  mad, crazy
b :  intended for the care or treatment of persons affected by psychiatric disorders <mental hospitals>
:  of or relating to telepathic or mind-reading powers
men·tal·ly \-təl-ē\ adverb

Origin of MENTAL

Middle English, from Late Latin mentalis, from Latin ment-, mens mind — more at mind
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Psychology Terms

fetish, hypochondria, intelligence, mania, narcissism, neurosis, pathological, psychosis, schadenfreude, subliminal

Rhymes with MENTAL



Definition of MENTAL

:  of or relating to the chin :  genial

Origin of MENTAL

Latin mentum chin — more at mouth
First Known Use: circa 1727

Rhymes with MENTAL


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