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adjective in·ner \ˈi-nər\

: located toward the inside of something : not on or at the edge or outside of something

: not known to or seen by most people

: of or relating to a person's mind or spirit

Full Definition of INNER

a :  situated farther in <the inner bark>
b :  being near a center especially of influence <the inner circles of political power>
a :  of or relating to the mind or spirit <the inner life>
b :  existing as an often repressed part of one's psychological makeup <inner child> <inner artist>
inner noun
in·ner·ly adverb

Examples of INNER

  1. She led the guests to an inner room.
  2. the inner face of the arch
  3. the inner lining of the jacket
  4. listening to her inner voice

Origin of INNER

Middle English, from Old English innera, comparative of inne within
First Known Use: before 12th century
INNER Defined for Kids


adjective in·ner \ˈi-nər\

Definition of INNER for Kids

:  located farther in <an inner chamber>
:  of or relating to the mind or spirit <inner strength>
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