noun \ˈlen-təl\

: a type of flat, round seed that is related to the pea and is eaten as a vegetable

Full Definition of LENTIL

:  a widely cultivated Eurasian annual leguminous plant (Lens culinaris) with flattened edible seeds and leafy stalks used as fodder
:  the seed of the lentil

Origin of LENTIL

Middle English, from Anglo-French lentille, from Latin lenticula, diminutive of lent-, lens
First Known Use: 13th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Small annual legume (Lens esculenta) and its lens-shaped, protein-rich, edible seed. One of the most ancient of cultivated foods, it is a good source of vitamin B, iron, and phosphorus. Of unknown origin, the lentil is widely cultivated throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa; though little grown in the Western Hemisphere, its inclusion in the U.S. diet is increasing. Growing 6–18 in. (15–45 cm) high, the plant has compound leaves and pale blue flowers. Animals are fed the stalks and leaves as fodder.


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