noun \ə-ˈshr-ən(t)s\

: the state of being sure or certain about something

: a strong feeling of confidence about yourself or about being right

: a strong and definite statement that something will happen or that something is true

Full Definition of ASSURANCE

:  the act or action of assuring: as
a :  pledge, guarantee
b :  the act of conveying real property; also :  the instrument by which it is conveyed
c chiefly British :  insurance
:  the state of being assured: as
a :  security
b :  a being certain in the mind <the puritan's assurance of salvation>
c :  confidence of mind or manner :  easy freedom from self-doubt or uncertainty; also :  excessive self-confidence :  brashness, presumption
:  something that inspires or tends to inspire confidence <gave repeated assurances of goodwill>

Examples of ASSURANCE

  1. They lent us the money with the assurance that they would be repaid soon.
  2. He has the assurance of continued support from his boss.
  3. He spoke with quiet assurance about his future plans.
  4. She gave him every assurance that she would be there when he returned.

First Known Use of ASSURANCE

14th century

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