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adjective ab·ject \ˈab-ˌjekt\

Simple Definition of abject

  • : extremely bad or severe

  • : very humble : feeling or showing shame

  • : very weak : lacking courage or strength

Full Definition of abject

  1. 1 :  sunk to or existing in a low state or condition <to lowest pitch of abject fortune thou art fallen — John Milton>

  2. 2 a :  cast down in spirit :  servile, spiritless <a man made abject by suffering> b :  showing hopelessness or resignation <abject surrender>

  3. 3 :  expressing or offered in a humble and often ingratiating spirit <abject flattery> <an abject apology>

ab·ject·ly play \ˈab-ˌjek(t)-lē, ab-ˈ\ adverb
ab·ject·ness play \-ˌjek(t)-nəs, -ˈjek(t)-\ noun

Examples of abject

  1. … the time would come that no human being should be humiliated or be made abject. —Katherine Anne Porter, The Never-Ending Wrong, 1977

  2. … my critical intelligence sometimes shrivels to an abject nodding of the head. —Lewis H. Lapham, Harper's, May 1971

  3. … nothing seemed to have changed at the Beehive across the years. The same pallid employees were visible in the same abject state of peonage, cringing under the whiplash of overseers. —S. J. Perelman, Baby, It's Cold Inside, 1970

  4. They live in abject misery.

  5. He offered an abject apology.

  6. She thought he was an abject coward.

Origin of abject

Middle English, from Latin abjectus, from past participle of abicere to cast off, from ab- + jacere to throw — more at jet

First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of abject

mean, ignoble, abject, sordid mean being below the normal standards of human decency and dignity. mean suggests small-mindedness, ill temper, or cupidity <mean and petty satire>. ignoble suggests a loss or lack of some essential high quality of mind or spirit <an ignoble scramble after material possessions>. abject may imply degradation, debasement, or servility <abject poverty>. sordid is stronger than all of these in stressing physical or spiritual degradation and abjectness <a sordid story of murder and revenge>.

ABJECT Defined for Kids


adjective ab·ject \ˈab-ˌjekt\

Definition of abject

  1. 1 :  very bad or severe <abject poverty>

  2. 2 :  low in spirit, strength, or hope <an abject coward>

ab·ject·ly adverb <He stared abjectly at his ruined home.>

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