noun \ˈmē-nē-əl, -nyəl\

: a person (such as a servant) who does boring or unpleasant work for little money : someone who does menial work

Full Definition of MENIAL

:  a person doing menial work; specifically :  a domestic servant or retainer

Examples of MENIAL

  1. <immigrants to that country faced fierce prejudice and could expect to find work only as menials>

First Known Use of MENIAL

14th century

Rhymes with MENIAL



—used to describe boring or unpleasant work that does not require special skill and usually does not pay much money

Full Definition of MENIAL

:  of or relating to servants :  lowly
a :  appropriate to a servant :  humble, servile <answered in menial tones>
b :  lacking interest or dignity <a menial task>
me·nial·ly adverb

Examples of MENIAL

  1. <every command was obeyed in the menial manner of someone who seemed grateful just to be in the presence of a celebrity>

Origin of MENIAL

Middle English meynial, from Anglo-French meignal, from mesnee, mayné household, retinue, from Vulgar Latin *mansionata, from Latin mansion-, mansio dwelling — more at mansion
First Known Use: 15th century


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